„Es ist nie zu spät für Yoga – the bliss of age“

It´s never to late – Best is yet to come
Yoga 50 plus
test it in June the 08./2019
17.00 – 18.30 h
Physiotherapiepraxis Centro Comercial Arabi Plaza,
Alfaz del Pi, España
Excercise Realxtion and Meditation

Would you like to do yoga but you can’t sit comfortably in Easy Pose or perform other exercises? You don’t want to face the challenges of a “normal” yoga class, but you still want the possibility to feel the experience of yoga.
I want to make it more accessible for beginners or people who are in the second half of their lives, for Yogis and Yoginis over fifty, or even over seventy? I want to show you possible ways and doing yoga gracefully.
Yoga50plus is Yoga on a chair. The practical knowledge is based on Kundalini Yoga. It helps at the physical level, to maintain balance and coordination skills, to straighten the spine and increase its flexibility, and to expand lung capacity. Progress in these areas guarantee a better quality of life.
Are you interested?

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